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The Extra-Virgin Olive Oil on Lake Como

Lake Como ! it’s synonym of un-matched beauty, tranquillity, relaxation, great food and vibrant lush!

With its painted-perfect towns like Bellagio, Varenna and Perledo, Lake Como has been rightly defined the most beautiful lakeland on earth! Nestled in between crisp snow-capped mountains, the unspoiled nature and a just perfect microclimate, lake Como has gained its place in the production of a mighty excellent boutique Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The land and soil, the weather, the hand-held harvest, the varieties of olives, our philosophy … these are the elements that confer our Exta Virgin Olive Oil the character of a unique niche product.

Walking through the wonderful sunny paths of Lake Como, you can find some of the oldest groves but also new plants that are quickly changing the landscape of our hills enhancing the beauty and production of the best certified Extra Virgin Olive Oil this wonderful area can offer.

Listen to our personal stories behind each drop we wisely enclose in our bottles, trust us to show you how we care for this precious cultivation. Look for our small boutique in Perledo-Varenna called ” Bottega dell’Olio” on the places you’ll be visiting while on Lake Como, it’s an experience you will never forget!