Società Cooperativa Agricola


Our cooperative was founded in April 2011 after years of committed and enthusiastic work by a dozen olive growers. In these years it has grown and it has now about 50 members, owning a total of 4.000 trees across the provinces of Lecco and Como. This figures make our cooperative the most important olive oil producer of the Lake Como district.

The olive tree was first introduced in our area during the Roman Age by greek settlers. Traces of its continuing cultivation can be found in later official documents dating back to the Fourteenth century. Later in history the number of olive trees decreased because other crops were given more priority: in the eighteenth century mulberries were fundamental for silkworm breeding wheras in the nineteenth century vineyards were valued more.

However, after the second world war, when prosperity seemed to persuade many to  abandon the farming heritage collected until then, a new idea of well-being started to spread. This was based on the return to nature, the awareness of one’s own roots in the land and the commitment of some forward-thinking people. All this helped revive olive farming in our district. Nowadays more than 40.000 olive trees are cultivated in the provinces of Como and Lecco, some of them being hundreds of years old.